TikTok’s Latest Pre-Workout Trend Involves Rice Krispies Treat

Before a workout, some people will drink a smoothie, or maybe eat some protein, or even not eat at all. But apparently a new TikTok trend is motivating people to grab, of all things, a Rice Krispies Treat before heading to the gym.

That’s right, the latest TikTok craze is a pre-workout Rice Krispies Treat snack, with one viral video, by a TikTOk user suggesting it provides “an insane pump” at the gym. His clip, which has been viewed over 175, times, claims the sweet snack helped him best his personal weight-lifting record. Another user agreed, sharing, "Trust me when I say it, Rice Krispies gonna make you have the best workout.”

But not everyone is down with this odd pre-workout food. "Tried the Rice Krispies Treat before a workout thing,” user @RickSegall wrote. “Don’t get it. 30 min of sugar high then a sugar crash that ruined the back end of my workout. Not for me.”

So, is a Rice Krispies Treat really a good pre-workout snack? Well, experts say it isn’t exactly harmful, it really isn’t the best choice.

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