Nine steps to celebrating Christmas like Mariah!

I am not the Grinch or Scrooge but I am not known for having copious amounts of holiday spirit. It's just not who I am. So when I saw an article about how we can celebrate Christmas just like Mariah Carey, it caught my attention. I mean...that woman KNOWS how to celebrate Christmas. So what did the article say? I thought I would share it with you. Get ready for a long read, folks. Mariah has a lot of steps in her celebration of Christmas.

1.) Get in the "zen Christmas zone." She says that she will only allow a harmonious day and if you can't comply you have to get out. She won't invite you to her party if you're going to cause drama.

2.) Book a flight to Aspen. (We can all afford to do that, right???) She says that they book their flight, fly to Aspen and when they get off the plane, the drivers have "All I Want for Christmas is You" playing while they have hot cocoa with butterscotch schnapps. THEN they go through the woods on a 2 horse open sleigh while looking at the stars. (Well...who HASN'T done that???)

3.) Do some last minute shopping. Now Mariah never gets to shop through out the year because she has a stylist do it for her. (, too.) But at Christmas time, she thinks it's nice to be in "that environment."

4.) Invite Santa over for Christmas Eve.

5.) Open presents on Christmas morning. (Finally, something relatable for us normal people!)

6.) Make sure you have at least TWO Christmas trees. (THAT'S what I'm doing wrong! I don't have any!) Mariah says you should get a 19 foot tree for the living room and a tree in the bedroom. She also does a third tree in the family room that she calls the "Charlie Brown Tree." (Why do I feel like her version of a Charlie Brown tree is what we consider a normal tree?)

7.) Cook up a storm.

8.) Play games and binge on festive films. (I can relate to this. It's one of my fondest memories! Playing games with my grandma and granddad, brother, and cousins!)

and finally....

9.) Make the ultimate holiday playlist. (Which you can TOTALLY do on the iHeart Radio App!) Mariah likes listening to the classics like Nat King Cole and Judy Garland. (Me, too!) Oh...and she needs that holiday music playing ALL day long. Don't you dare turn it off early. She says, and I do quote: "If I wake up and there's no Christmas music playing I get very annoyed and have to handle it." I would not want Mariah mad at me. Just sayin'.

There ya go...follow those steps and you will celebrate Christmas JUST like Mariah Carey.

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