What do you do when you see a spider in your home?

I don't kill things. I try and save everything thing that lives and breathes. And that includes spiders.

I have a 'bug cup' that I keep around for the rogue bug that may find its way into my apartment. (It's actually a venti Starbucks cup I saved from when I had an iced coffee.) I've saved bees, wasps, stink bugs, lady bugs, centipedes, and yes...spiders. (And I would like to add that I am TERRIFIED of bees and wasps. But I still save them if I can!)

This is a good question for Halloween week. What do you do when you see a spider in your home?

A new survey asked people how they handle it. And I'm happy to say that 40% of us catch and release the spiders! Yay for the 40%!

26% of men and 19% of women leave them alone. 19% kill them. :( The rest call on someone else to deal with it.

And just an FYI...experts say that leaving the spiders alone or taking them outside is the best thing to do. The vast majority of spiders are not dangerous and they are good to have around. Why? Well, they eat other bugs...including mosquitos.

So the next time you see a spider, leave the poor guy or gal around. They are just trying to exist like us!

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