What a PURRFECT day! National Cat Day!

Why am I at work today? I should totally get today off! It's a NATIONAL HOLIDAY! Ok...so it's NOT a national holiday but it should be. Do you know what today is?

IT'S NATIONAL CAT DAY!!! Um...shouldn't every day be National Cat Day? Yes. Yes it should. But I digress...

A new survey found that the average cat owner spends over 1,000 hours a year on their cats. That's time feeding, petting, cuddling, and cleaning up after them. I think that number seems awfully low. I'm sure I spend WAY more time than that with my cats. I mean...I LOVE my cats.

Some other National Cat Day stats:

84% of cat owners treat their cats like family. Well duh...they ARE family.

66% say they would rather spend time with their cats than their friends.

Over 75% talk to their cat like it's a form of therapy. (Isn't it?)

The top qualities we love about our cats include loyalty, playfulness and mild manners

And finally, 65% of cat owners have travelled with their cats. I will politely decline that one. All of my cats hate the car and they let me know it every single time they get in.

But anyway...HAPPY NATIONAL CAT DAY to all of the fellow cat lovers in Wolf Country.

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