Who is the most popular horror movie villian in PA?

Well, I'm sure seeing the trailer posted gave it away but who IS the most popular horror movie villain in Pennsylvania?

You guessed it! Jack Torrance! The Shining! One of my fave movies of all time. Of ALL TIME!

A communications company took 12 classic horror villians and used Google Trends data to determine pecking order.

Jack Nicholson's Jack was the most popular of the bunch. He owns 10 states, including PA. Jack is also most popular in Colorado, where the movie is set. Who could forget all of that snow?

Pennywise from IT is second with 8 states, including Maine, which is not only where the movie is set, but also the home state of Stephen King.

Chucky is tied with Frankenstein for third place, with 6 states each.

Hannibal Lecter is fifth with 5 states. Hannibal is followed by Leatherface, the creature from Alien, Carrie White, Ghostface, and Norman Bates. Dracula and Freddy Krueger brought up the rear with only one state a piece.

Here is something I don't understand from this collection of data, though. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees did NOT make the list! What is up with that?

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