Want to boost your mood?

I am, admittedly, one of those people that is irritated with the way music is being introduced these days. I LOVE hearing new songs, don't get me wrong, BUT I miss the magic of buying an album, sitting down with it, reading the liner notes, seeing who produced it, seeing who wrote the songs, reading all of the thank you notes. That was one of my fave things to do growing up. Now we just get a song here and there with an album as an afterthought. That bums me out. Maybe I'm too old school in that regard but those were good times!

Now let's talk about what Saturday is. I mean, other than Saturday. It's National Album Day! Yep! It's a real thing and I think that's awesome!

There's a new study out there that has some stats about albums. Ready for the stats? Here they are:

There's a link between listening to full albums and positive well being. The study quotes a recent survey where a whopping 82.9% of people said listening to albums helped them relax. 76.4% said listening to albums made them feel better when they were down.

Wait! There's more!

74.3% said listening to their fave albums is a source of comfort and close to 65% said they listen to their favorite albums when they feel like they need a lift.

Let's bring back the albums, people! Let's unite!

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