Do YOU have a zombie apocalypse strategy?

Night of the Living Dead is one of my fave movies of all time. (The ORIGINAL. NOT the remake. Ew.) With that being said, I never actually for one second thought anything IN that movie could become a reality but this sounds fun!

A town in North Carolina is holding a Zombie Survival event this month to let people practice for the zombie apocalypse they believe they will face someday.

Each person has 60 minutes to retrieve all of the supplies they'd need to survive one night in a zombie contamination zone. And people dressed as zombies will be chasing them around the whole time.

Now this is not meant to be a serious event. It's all in fun and it sounds like it would be a blast. BUT there is a new survey going around that says 1 in 7 Americans actually DO believe that there will be a zombie outbreak and they have plans if it happens.

So what are their plans if the Zombie Apocalypse comes to fruition? Here's the top 5 things people said they would do:

Gather guns, ammo and other weapons

Find a good place to hide and regroup

Gather supplies and food

Relocate to a place with fewer zombies and avoid big cities

Meet up with family and friends so there's strength in numbers

Other people said they would just start killing zombies. Then there's the 2% that said they would switch sides and JOIN the zombies!

I think today is a good day to watch Night of the Living Dead. I'm totally in the mood now!

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