Today is National what day??? Is that a stupid question?

You know how people always say "there is no such thing as a stupid question?" Well...they are liars! Huge liars. And today proves it. It's National Ask a Stupid Question Day! And if there were no such thing as stupid questions, there wouldn't be a day dedicated to it.

From Reddit, some teachers shared some of the dumbest questions they've ever heard. We aren't making this up!

*Are bears still real?

*Can you get from America to Africa on a jet ski?

*What are those pyramid shaped things in Egypt called?

*If there's speed of light, what's the speed of dark?

*Is breast milk 1% or 2%?

and finally...get ready for this one...

*Where is the Great Wall of China?

Once again, we did NOT make this up. This is real. The people that asked these questions are real. And that is why we have a reason to celebrate National Ask a Stupid Question Day!

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