What is Starbucks going to stop carrying? My response: I don't blame them!

If you have spent even a second with me...you know I love Starbucks. I love coffee. But one thing I never got into were those complicated Frappuccino's that involve 4,000 ingredients and take forever to make. I don't need sparkles on my drink. I don't need my drink to look like a rainbow exploded in my cup. Please just give me my Venti Iced Coffee, unsweetened with soy and I will be on my way.

As we know, for the past few years, Starbucks has been selling lots of limited edition drinks like the Unicorn Frap and the Tie-Dye Frap. They are drinks that might not taste great but look really good in pictures. (Because isn't that what life is all about??? If it's not in a pic and posted instantly on social media...did it really happen???)

Well, Starbucks has a new plan about those drinks moving forward. They are cutting back. They've already scaled back on them in the past year and now they are going to scale back even more. And there's a good reason. (Actually, several of them.) They just aren't worth it. They take a long time to make, the baristas hate making them and by the time they get them perfected, the drinks go away. They are also complicated and slow down the stores and increase wait time. That's no fun, huh?

But that's not the only reason. Are you ready for this? People get upset when they don't look exactly like they do online. REALLY? Everything and everyone is filtered on Instagram...don't they know NOTHING looks like it does on the Instagram?

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