I cannot tell a lie...

I cannot tell a lie. I don't want to get old. Wait...let me restate that...I DON'T WANT TO GET OLD. I don't want to go gray. I don't want wrinkles. All of that bums me out. Maybe I'm way more vain than I thought. (OK...I admit...I'm vain. No question about it.)

I saw this today and I just can't relate. The article from YouGov states that gray hair doesn't have the stigma it used to and that 58% of Americans wouldn't mind going gray, or they've already gone gray and they just don't care. I agree that it doesn't have the stigma...there are people actively dying their non-gray hair gray. I get it...it looks cool but I don't want it on my head. Maybe if I were CHOOSING the color myself I wouldn't be so against it. But for me, it just keeps popping up on my head like an unwanted telemarketer.

Plain and simple...I care. That's why I'm in the chair of my Hair Goddess every 6 weeks. She will continue to have my business because I DON'T WANT TO GET OLD.

I'm part of the 29% of people that said that would have a tough time with the whole gray hair thing. It isn't even a 'would' for me. It's here...on my head now...laughing at my vanity.

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