Want your beer, wine and liquor chilled perfectly? Then read this!

The weekend is approaching so this info could come in VERY handy! There's a guy in Poland who has been hard at work getting his masters in particle physics. (I really don't know what that is. Do you?) Anyway...he built an online calculator that tells you exactly how long it will take to chill your booze. EXACTLY!!!

It's called the Chilled Drink Calculator and it's based on Newton's Law of Cooling. What does that mean? That means it's pretty accurate! You just have to enter the following:

1) The type of alcohol you are chilling. Is it beer, wine or liquor?

2) The type of container it is in. Is it glass? A can?

3) Where you have been storing the liquor. Has it been in room temp or sitting outside on a hot day?

4) How you are chilling it Has it been in fridge, freezer or in ice water?

5) And finally...how could you want it to get. Then it lists optimal temps for different drinks.

Once you enter all of the info, it will spit out a number.

Want to download it? Google the phrase "Chilled Drink Calculator" and it will be the top result.

And if you don't drink...it also works for water, juice and pop!

Rock on guy in Poland!

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