Do you take naps? No? Maybe you should!

I am not really into naps. (Although I did accidently take one yesterday. My cat wanted to snuggle. Was I going to say no to her? I think not!) When I nap, I usually wake up totally confused as to what happened and can't get anything else done for the rest of the day. It's best for me if I just stay upright. Or is it?

According to a new study, taking naps is actually really good for our hearts! They found that people who took one or two naps a week had a lower risk of heart disease and strokes than people who never took naps.

They say that since none of us actually get enough sleep at night, naps are a good way to catch up a little bit...which is good for your heart. Plus they help reduce your stress, which has a similar effect.

So if you need a reason to nap...we just gave you one! Just don't get caught napping under your desk.

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