Hi...my name is Sammy and I love vinyl...

I love the way vinyl records smell. I can't be the only one! I need to have that scent bottled up so I can put a little behind my ears! It's a wonderful smell! I love going into record shops and just looking around...taking in the sights, the smells, the sounds. I grew up buying albums and I miss them. I miss taking off the cellophane, slowly taking the album out of the jacket as to not tear the insert, reading the lyrics and liner notes, gently putting the album on the turntable and finding just the right spot for the needle. And hearing that glorious slight crackling as the record played!!! Those were the days!

Don't get me wrong...I love the ease in which we can find music now but I miss the ritual of the album experience.

Which brings me to this. Vinyl will soon outsell CDS for the first time since 1986!

CD sales have been tanking every since streaming music became popular. And soon, for the first time since the 80's, we will be spending more on vinyl records than we are CDS. The Recording Industry Association of America released its mid-year report and it says that people have spent almost as much on records this years as CDS. It breaks down to $224 million on albums and $248 million on compact discs.

I love that we are bringing back the vinyl!


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