Let's talk fashion trends...

I am going to start this by saying I just looked at what I was wearing. I look like I raided Marcia Brady's closet. I'm wearing flares, a paisley blouse and wedge heels. If my look doesn't scream "I love the 70's" I don't know what does. And you know what...I'm totally ok with that. I walk to the beat of my own drum. I don't read Vogue or Glamour or follow trends...I just wear what I love. I also get a lot of strange looks but whatever...

I read an article yesterday about fashion trends that should never return and while I appreciate the author of the story and the research that was done, I wanted to know what you guys thought. I put the question out on my Facebook page and got some great answers!

What made the list? Tube tops, stirrup pants, Jnco jeans, mullets, leg warmers, Nehru jackets, culottes, platform shoes, bell bottom jeans, leisure suits, Crocs, neon lace, crimped hair, and shoulder pads just to name a few! (You guys are passionate about bad fashion trends!)

So what is on the "official" list? I will give that to you now.

1) mullets

2) 80's style puffball shirts

3) underwear as outerwear

4) velour tracksuits

5) Crocs

6) matching his and her outfits

7) wearing skirts over pants

8) skintight metallic body suits and leggings.

So what is the most magical and iconic decade of fashion in the past 50 years? THE 1970'S OF COURSE!!! What came in second? The 80's!

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