How patient are you? It turns out we are an impatient lot...

I would say this is 0% surprising. We have NO patience. We are doomed.

Well, ok...maybe the study didn't say we are doomed BUT it did find that we've got less patience today than ever before. Why is that? It supports what I have believed ALL along...modern tech has ruined our ability to wait for ANYTHING.

Here's how long it takes for us to lose patience in different situations:

Waiting for a website to load...16 seconds

Waiting for a movie or show to start streaming...22 seconds

Waiting for a traffic light to change...25 seconds

Waiting for a line to start moving...30 seconds

Waiting to get a drink at the bar...7 minutes

I think we should ALL work on becoming more patient and less edgy. (And I very much include myself in this because my mom says I learned my patience from my dad...and he didn't have a lot of it!)

Let's work on being more mindful and more patient. We can do it together!

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