There are some things in life that should just stay the same!

I love board games. When I was growing up, we would spend hours playing Monopoly, Sorry and Clue. I cherish these memories.

Well, Clue turns 70 this year and Hasbro is celebrating by messing with perfection! They are holding an online vote to replace one of the nine original rooms, the hall, with something else. You can vote until September 9th to replace the hall with a guest room, bathroom, drawing room or a remodeled version of the hall.

I vote to LEAVE IT THE SAME! #firstworldproblems

They will announce the winner on October 21st and roll out the new version of the game in December...just in time for Christmas. The thing I don't know is whether this will be a permanent change or if they will go back to the original in future editions.

I am protesting by not putting up the link and not voting. I'm passive aggressive that way, ya know...

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