Are you good at adulting? I'm not so sure that I am...

There are literally days where I wake up and think "how have I made it this far in life without a total catastrophe happening due to my own stupidity?" Am I the only one that thinks that kind of stuff? I hope not or I'm going to feel like a total dolt for putting this information out into the universe.

I read an article on BuzzFeed that talked about how good we are at 'adulting'. It was a poll that listed a bunch of things we should know how to do as an adult and asked readers whether or not they can actually do them.

Here are the top can decide if you are better at adulting than those polled:

Can you swallow a pill fairly easily? 91% said they can.

Can you neatly wrap a gift? 87% of people said yes they can.

Do you know how to write a check? 76% know how. (Only 76%??? Really??? 20 years ago this would have been 100%!)

Could you sew a button back on? 73% said yes.

And now we get to the one that makes me think people are liars with their pants on fire...

Can you fold a fitted sheet? 61% said yes. Um how can they fold a fitted sheet? It's impossible! It can't be done!!! Or can it? Howler Faye called into the show today and instructed me on how to fold a fitted sheet successfully. I am going home today and try it. I can guarantee that it's going to end up balled up and thrown into my closet in a fit of anger!

I'm thinking 90% of Wolf Country is better at adulting than me. I would bet money on it.

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