Are people with cats more likely to be crazy?

We have all heard the phrase "crazy cat lady". I have never been a fan of that phrase because it screams stigma to me. Just because you have cats it doesn't make you crazy. I think it only hurts the cause of cats and rescue.

And just because I love to dress my Harold up like a young Elton John doesn't make me crazy. It just means my cat has flair...and lots of it! Look at him!

There's a new study out that says there is no PROVEN scientific evidence that backs up the crazy cat lady stereotype. Researchers at UCLA found that people who own cats, whether it's one or a whole bouquet of cats, didn't have any higher rate of mental or social problems than people with other types of pets...or not pets at all. The exact quote: "Our findings do not fit well with the notion of cat owners as more depressed, anxious, and alone." can we stop with the whole 'crazy cat lady' thing?


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