How warm should we keep it at night?

I am very conscious of how I live my life. I try not to be wasteful, I recycle, I genuinely care about the planet and everything that lives on it. I do everything in my power not to add to the destruction of our lovely earth BUT even I have a hard time getting on board with this.

There is a new report out from Energy Star, which is the EPA program that promotes energy efficiency. I have always been very interested in what they've had to say when it comes to helping us keep Mother Earth in the best shape possible but as stated above, I'm not sure I can quite do this.

Energy Star has given us some recommendations as to where we should set our thermostat. Are you ready for this? Here it is.

*78 degrees when we are home

*85 when we are not home

*82 at night

See what I'm saying? A hard no.

There's a tv station in Tampa that tweeted the report out and one person responded by saying "82 when you're sleeping? Yeah...on the sun." #agree

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