ANOTHER reason dating is if we needed another one...

It's a modern day dilemma that you didn't even know existed...unless someone has asked you to do this. Then you probably dumped them straight away.

There's a guy named Eric and we don't know a lot about him except that we went on a date. The person he went out with sent him a text asking him to turn on the "read receipts" for his texts. What the heck is that? lets the other person know that you have read their texts. (So much for saying "OMG...I didn't get it!!!") Now this isn't quite stalkerish behavior BUT it's intrusive. It's like they are screaming 'I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEE IF YOU'VE READ MY TEXTS AND JUST AREN'T RESPONDING!" Yeah...not cool.

Eric put this online and the consensus is this: RUN. That's a huge red flag and basically a deal breaker. It would certainly be one for me!


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