Have you ever heard of "breadcrumbing"? No? Me, either!

I think we've all heard of ghosting and catfishing but have you ever heard of breadcrumbing? This is a new term for me! Maybe you guys are hipper than me and you already know about it.

First, before we get into it, let's just all agree that dating is hard and it can plain suck sometimes. And it seems to just get more and more difficult. And now seems like a good time to introduce this new dating term: Breadcrumbing.

So what is it? It's the latest term making its way into the dating world. So what on earth does it mean? It's when the person you have a crush on has NO intention of taking things further but they like the attention that you are giving them. They flirt here and there, they send messages and texts just to keep the person who likes them interested...knowing very well that they are going to continue to stay single.

Ugh. There ya have it. We have all learned something new today.

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