She went on HOW many shopping trips to Target? Is that even possible?


I love Target. That's no secret. I mean, you go in for laundry soap and come out with a whole cartful of goodies. And it's usually stuff you didn't realize you needed. (Like I didn't realize just HOW much I needed that cute owl air freshener for my car! Now I can't imagine life without it! Ok...that's a bit over the top but you get what I'm saying...)

I do have to say that the headline "Britney Spears Proves She Shops Just Like the Rest of Us" is very misleading. While she may enjoy shopping at Target like we do, there's a huge difference between us and Brit Brit. Several differences, actually. The first being that she shopped at Target at least 80 times last year. 80 times!!! If I go twice a month I'm lucky. (80!!!) And while she was there, I'm 100% positive that she spent more that us, too. I try to get out under $35 when I go in for a little retail therapy. Britney spent $66,000 on household supplies alone in 2018. I'm thinking I'm a little more into bargains than her. But hey, she is worth $59 million...she can afford to splurge at the big T! I just wish she'd invite me along one of these days. That would be a great girls day out! Come on Britney...give me a call. I'll drive.


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