Bun Buns!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love animals pretty much more than life itself. I spend quite a bit of my off time at shelters, helping shelters, baking for shelter events, talking about shelters. You get the idea! I love shelters. Well, recently I began volunteering at E.A.R.S. (The Erie Area Rabbit Society and Rescue). They are a rabbit only rescue and I had no idea how deeply I would fall in love with these little souls. (My official duty at EARS is "bunny exerciser". I take them out of their cages and let them run and play and cause a little supervised trouble!) They are so sweet and so cute! I mean, I knew they were cute but their sweet nature really took my by surprise. I guess I always thought rabbits and bunnies were kind of stand offish and just kind of wanted to do their thing. Then I met Tripp. (He's the gorgeous white rabbit!) Tripp loves to run around and play. One day, after I finished exercising him in the gazebo, I picked him up to put him in the carrier to transport him back into the shelter. And that's when he did something that totally shocked me. He cuddled into my neck and snuggled me. I instantly melted and declared my love for Tripp! I so want Tripp to get adopted by a loving home but when he does, I will miss him desperately. I think I need to somehow set up visitation rights.

And now it's time to meet Clara, the gorgeous brown and cream girl. She's very inquisitive and very perceptive. She doesn't miss a thing that happens around her. Oh, and she loves apple leaves. I think she would eat an entire bin of them if left unattended. Clara will steal your heart with one glance into her sweet little eyes. She certainly stole mine.

If you are interested in checking out any of the bun buns at EARS, stop by their shelter at 2316 West 38th Street or give them a call at 814.838.9732. (You can't miss the awesome pink building!)


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