Pumpkin spice all the things? #no


No. Just no. I mean, the people in the video are really enjoying their pumpkin pie Kit Kat bars but it is July. It is not time to start celebrating the spices of fall just yet. (In their defense, this is an old video that I dug up on YouTube. And as I mentioned, they are truly enjoying their pumpkin pie Kit Kats and I'm not taking away from that. I just can't get down with anything pumpkiny this time of year.)

Kit Kat just broke the pumpkin seal and introduced the very first pumpkin spice product of the season. Yep. Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats. They announced that they are going on sale nationwide this year. In the past, they were available in limited areas. But not anymore...you can buy them everywhere next month.

Ugh. It's just too dang early! Stop the insanity!


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