The photo you see is from Facebook and it's something we should ALL be doing. We need to put #somethinggood on our socials. Why? Well...first of all...why not? And second of all...it will help out those in need.

Here's the deal:

The clothing company, Life is Good, was started by two guys in Boston in 1994. They are coming up on their anniversary and wanted to do something special. Let's just say what they decided to do is AMAZING.

They are donating $1 to charity every time someone posts the hashtag "SomethingGood" on social media. Along with #somethinggood, they want you to post something positive that is going on in your life or something that will encourage others.

See! How cool is this?

All of the money goes to the Life is Good Kids Foundation, which helps out victims of early childhood trauma. They will donate up to 1 million dollars if a million people post. It runs through November so there's a really great chance that they are going to meet their goal.

Get out there and spread #somethinggood.

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