Three words: Cotton.Candy.Grapes


As I write this, I'm in my office. Sitting beside me is a bag of cotton candy grapes. If you have not tried these, you need to. These things are so so soooooooooo good.

Cotton candy is one of my favorite scents. I wear perfume that smells exactly like cotton candy, I have cotton candy scented candles, my car smells like cotton candy. I just love it so much. So last year when I spotted Cotton Candy grapes at Wegmans, I had to try them. Now I might as well just hand over my entire paycheck. Are they a bit pricey? Yes. Are they worth it? YES! If you love candy but don't want to actually eat candy, try these grapes.

Have I mentioned that they are so so soooo good? Like SO good. Oh...and I've attached a little vid about the grapes. I feel like a grape pusher!


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