Our Sweetheart of the Day!

Love IS alive and here's proof!

Allow us to bring in our sweetheart of the day...Mark Raby. He lives in England and is on amateur rugby team and were recently scheduled to play a tournament in Poland. The issue was the tourney was right around the time of his anniversary. Mark and Julie were getting ready to celebrate their 30th anniversary. He wasn't going to attend the tournament but Julie told him to go ahead and go...he'd be returning on the day of their anniversary. She had planned to pick him up at the airport and take him to dinner.

That did not happen. What did?

Mark did a little planning. He coordinated with the airport and had 30 red roses delivered. Then after they landed, he had each one of his 29 teammates walk out with one single red rose and hand it to Julie. They all kissed her on the cheek and walked away. Then out comes Mark with the 30th rose to celebrate their 30 years together. Needless to say, Julie was wiping away tears the entire time this was happening. She was heard saying that Mark has always been big on romantic gestures but this one was really special.

Where do we find our very own Mark???

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