If you've ever been in a car with me...

If you've ever been a car with me, you know that I don't know north from south or east from west without some help. I have what Ann Landers called "directional dyslexia". I honestly have NO sense of direction. Sooooo when I read this little story this morning, I immediately felt a kinship with these folk. I mean, they didn't get lost because they are directionless like me but still, I felt CONNECTED to them.

Here's what happened: There was a big crash on a road leading to the Denver International Airport on Sunday and about 100 people decided that they were going to take a detour. This was a detour suggested to them by Google Maps.

It was if I were working for Google Maps that day and tried to give those poor people directions. You see, they followed the detour and it took them to a dirt road...and that dirt road led them to a field. A field of mud. Like a REALLY muddy field. And as you can probably guess, some of them got stuck. And that means the people behind them got trapped and were in essence stuck as well. Can you imagine the conversations and arguments that were going on in that field on Sunday? If only the mud had eyes and ears. I bet we would need a lot of censoring if we had actual audio.

I guess the moral of this story is DON'T get in a car with me unless you want to get lost! Hey...at least life is always an adventure.

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