Helping out the fur babies in Wolf Country!

I love animals! We all know that, partly because I never really shut up about how much I love animals. Sorry not sorry. Anyhoo….every Friday on the show we have a segment called "Furry Friend Friday". It's during this few minutes that we get the word out about cats and dogs that are up for adoption in our area. We give you their story and hope that someone out there will hear us and open their hearts and homes to a new fur baby.

If you are wondering where to start in your search for the perfect new addition to the family, here's a list of some of the shelters in our area.

*The Anna Shelter

*Orphan Angels

*French Creek Rescue

*Because You Care

*Erie Animal Network

*Humane Society

*E.A.R.S (Erie Area Rabbit Society)

And here's the cool thing! If you cannot adopt or donate right can still use your voice to help the animals! Or at least your fingertips! Share, share and share their posts on social media. Whether it's a dog or cat up for adoption, a fundraiser, a call to action, transportation needed to a vet visit...SHARE on your socials. This is an immense help to those who are rescuing. Someone may see the post that can help at that time and they could literally change the life of an animal in need. One click of a mouse could rock a dog or cats world. And who wouldn't want that?

And with that said. Enjoy the video!

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