Our Hero of the Day!

It's Monday and a lot of us think "UGH MONDAY!" as we are getting ready for the day. That's why I try and focus on the positives Monday and share a Hero of the Day. This morning our H.O.T.D is Allyn Pierce. He is an intensive care unit nurse in Paradise, California. If you recall, Paradise is where the "Camp Fire" took place last year. It was the deadliest wildfire in state history.

Allyn used his Toyota Tundra to shuttle patients when the fire spread and got too close to the hospital. He made several trips, filling his truck with those escaping the fire. It got pretty scary when the flames got so close, the doors of his truck were charred and the tail lights melted.

His selfless actions did not go unnoticed by Toyota. They heard the story and decided to replace his truck with a brand new Toyota Tundra. And they made some seriously cool mods! They added a heavy duty roof rack, bigger tires, a lift kit and an on board CO2 tank.

Now here is what is possibly the coolest part of all. His charred doors were a badge of honor for Allyn so Toyota set up a custom paint job so they could recreate the look. You can watch the video of the recreation here. SO COOL!

And I think we can all see why Allyn is our Hero of the Day!

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