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Coca-Cola Drops "Dreamworld" Odd Flavor

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“We took inspiration from the technicolor world of dreams, adding a dash of vibrant flavors," a spokesperson for coke sent out in an email.

Hitting store shelves soon will be a "Dreamworld" flavor of Coca-Cola. It's supposedly everything you've ever dreamed of..... but isn't that just called Coke?

“We wanted to create a dream-inspired drink that was recognizably Coca-Cola but with additional cues that bring to life the playfulness and brightness of dreams,” a the spokesperson continued in an email sent out.

 Coca-Cola Creations is a team of creators that is designing the newest flavors for the iconic brand. They've released 4 new flavors recently, with Dreamworld being the latest. The focus lately has been trying to bring in younger consumers and gamers. The innovators in this group are trying to bring the core brand into a digital mindset.

Some of the other creations released by the "Creations" team are: Starlight (space-flavored), Byte (pixel-flavored) and a collab with artists Marshello that had a Strawberry and Watermelon flavor. All of the new Coca-Cola flavors came with a specialized online experience, and the new "Dreamworld" is no exception. You can get a personalized music experience with each can.

The release date for the new "Dreamworld" is August 15th, but some people have gotten their hands on a can/bottle already, and the reviews are mediocre. This guy said it taste's like "dry cleaning and air freshener. It's not good though."

(Source: CNN)

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