Got your paws on all your Christmas gifts yet?

You've got less than two weeks to get your Christmas shopping done. And for a lot of people, that means ALL their Christmas shopping.

An online survey taken this week asked 30,000 people if they've started shopping yet or not. And over a quarter of people who plan to give gifts said NO, they haven't bought a single present yet.

58% of us HAVE started shopping . . . 26% haven't . . . another 13% aren't planning to buy gifts . . . and 3% said they "don't know" if they've started shopping or not. (I guess 3% were husbands who let their wife do all the shopping?)

I have gifts arriving daily to my house and more stuff to get yet at the stores. But nothing brings me greater joy than on Christmas morning, watching my daughters open their gifts, and seeing not only their surprise, but also their Dad's, at what's under all the pretty paper!

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