Be Kind

So, the average American does five good deeds a month. Here are the ten most common good deeds we do . . .

1. Giving someone directions. 66% have done it.

2. Holding a door for a stranger, 65%.

3. Letting someone with fewer items cut in line at the store, 60%.

4. Helping someone cross the street, also 60%.

5. Doing a chore or errand for a family member or friend, 56%.

6. Adding a small donation to charity when you check out at the store, again 56%.

7. Donating clothes to a thrift store, 55%.

8. Helping someone carry their groceries, also 55%.

9. Returning a lost item, also 55%.

10. Paying for a stranger's meal. 53% of people said they've done it. 

Do my RAKs (Random Acts of Kinds) get cancelled out if I get bitter because someone don't wave or say thank you?

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