Furbaby Friday!

National Cat Day was last week, and Sammy Stone share the poll about cat owners. Now here are eight stats from a recent survey of 1,000 dog owners:

1. 92% of dog owners say their dog is like part of the family (Absolutely! I don't have a son. We call Sully the girls' furry brother). That's compared to 84% of cat owners who said the same about their cat.

2. 73% let their dog up on the couch or other furniture (No. But I often sit on the floor with him).

3. 69% said their dog is their favorite member of their household (On any given day, that one is absolutely up for debate)! 75% of woman agreed with that one, compared to 63% of men.

4. 62% have bought their dog a holiday gift before (Every year! He even has his own stocking with paw prints on it. Santa loves him)!

5. 54% have celebrated their dog's birthday (Sully is a rescue. Not sure when his birthday is or even how old he is. We do celebrate his "Gotcha" date though - February 5th if anyone wants to send gifts).

6. 43% have taken their dog on vacation with them (sadly, I don't think I've taken a vacation since we got him)!

7. 25% have bought a car or home with their dog in mind (My car is 6 years old. I've had it longer than Sully. We did have another dog at the time when I bought the car and yeah... I did think about how he would like the car).

8. 17% have carried their dog or pushed them in a stroller, even though they could have walked on their own (Look at that beast. He's a 95 pound Bulloxer - Bulldog/Boxer mix - NO stroller ridin for him)!

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