Halloween Fun Facts


(wish the weather in Wolf Country was cooperating a bit more)

Need those quick fun facts about Halloween to impress your co-workers today? I gotcha covered.

+ For all the hype around Halloween, now that it's here, only around one-third of adults are actually going to wear a costume today or tonight (BORING)

+ The best and worst things to give out on Halloween. The best: Any full-sized candy bar and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The worst: Broken glow sticks or candy from a restaurant's free candy dish (what about that leftover parade candy I have laying around? 3 month old Tootsie Roll that was laying on the street, anyone?)

+ Random fact: The candy company Mars has the term "fun size" trademarked. And they've even sued other companies for using it to describe their smaller-sized Halloween candies (I should warn my "smaller statured" friends... a few call themselves "fun sized")

+  And finally, good news if you're scrambling to get out of work early today and/or worried about how you're going to feel going into work tomorrow morning: Next year, Halloween is on a SATURDAY (which should put all those "move trick-or-treating to a weekend night" people at ease... at least for 2020)

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