Do it right or don't do it at all!

No one likes chores. It's even defined as a routine, unpleasant, but necessary task.

So... is it enough if your significant other, your kids, or your roommates clean up around the house . . . or do you need them to clean the RIGHT WAY? According to a new survey, almost half of people say they've gotten into an argument with someone over, quote, "the right way" to clean things. And more than three-quarters of people have gotten into an argument over chores in general.

If the "right way" means "means the job", then I am in this majority. Nothing grinds my gears more that if laundry is started... and then left in the dryer. Or if someone sweeps the floor... and doesn't put the vacuum away. Or the dishwasher gets unloaded... but everything isn't put away.

The survey also found the chore we hate to do the most is cleaning the bathroom (ew).

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