We're entering cold season. I have a cold now... and I'm at work. Do you ever go to work sick? A new survey found only 11% of us never do. And 33% ALWAYS go to work, no matter how sick they are. The top reasons we do it are: There's just too much work, and we don't want to burn a sick day. 

For me, illness can strike at ANY time (#germladenkids). . . which means I'll have that horrible moment where I can feel a cold coming on and realize there's basically nothing I can do to stop it.

But... we ALL can at least TRY. A new survey asked people what they do when they feel a cold coming on to try to keep it away. And here are the top nine answers . . .

1. Drink hot tea with lemon.

2. Drink lots of water.

3. Buy chicken soup.

4. Drink orange juice.

5. Sleep.

6. Eat ginger.

7. Work out.

8. Take a shower.

9. Change the sheets.

I do ALL of the above and more! I eat raw garlic (keeps the vampires away - tis the season for them, too). I make bone broth chicken noodle soup. I eat Cold Ease like candy. I drink my weight in Vitamin C. I wash my hands till they're raw. And guess what? I still get sick.

Stay well, Howlers!

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