It's one of the many reasons I had kids...

Why do people have kids? A lot of reasons, I assume: to love, to bring precious life into this world, to create future generations, to steal their Halloween candy.

It's weird. As a parent, you steal from your kids' Halloween candy . . . and then you realize your parents probably did the same thing to you. THE HORROR!!!!!

According to a new survey, three quarters of parents steal at least a little bit of the candy their kids get trick-or-treating. And some take even more (guilty)

1. About three out of five parents take at least 10% of the candy.

2. One in four parents take at least 25% of the candy.

3. And one in eight parents take at least HALF their kids' candy.

In my defense... only the chocolate. They get ALL the Smarties and Skittles. Ok... maybe not ALL the Skittles.

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