I love horror movies, but...

I haven't heard back from Stephen King's people... guess I missed my shot at binge watching 13 of his movies. Which will make my girls happy.

I love Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday. I love horror movies. It's probably my favorite genre. I love my girls. It's sad that they don't want to watch scary movies with me. Even if I make popcorn and we watch them during the day.

Alright, let me go back a bit. My girls are 13 and 12. And last year at this time, I sat them down, filled bowls with buttery popcorn, snuggled up with one on either side of me... and we watched Pet Semetary.

Probably not the best movie to ease them into the world of horror. (SPOILER - Creepy kids/neighbor and possessed cat - is it really a spoiler after this many years?) AND I forgot the Mom in the movie was named Rachel... (SPOILER - creepy sister calling for Rachel in a creepy voice). And that's my youngest's name. And my Rachel didn't sleep well for a few nights. Oops. My bad.

Since then, we've watched (with only a few "MOMMY" issues): Stand By Me - Gremlins - The Goonies - Tremors- Children of the Corn lol

Baby steps. We're getting there.

I'd LOVE to introduce them to: Carrie (Obviously) - The Shining - Nightmare on Elm Street - Friday the 13th - etc

In the meantime, I will keep the pantry stocked with microwave popcorn and keep the blankets readily accessible.

And I will continue to cross my fingers that Stephen King picks me to binge watch. Because then my girls will just have to accept that "hey... this is what mommy NEEDS to do."

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