This was in my bedroom

Don't let that picture fool you. This guy (or gal) is (or should I say was) bigger than a half dollar. That's REALLY REALLY BIG for those who don't know what a half dollar is.

The other night, I headed to bed around 11:00. I walked into the dimly lit room

And gently stepped on him/her


And I looked back to see what I had stepped on.

I stifled a HUGE scream

Put on some shoes

Snapped this pic

Then stomped him/her

And promptly swept it up in the vacuum

(sorry rest of the family who were already asleep at the time)

I posted about him/her on social media, asking why no one has created an app where you can take a pic of a spider and have it identified for you. I was told I should never sleep again. And burn my house down.


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