Tomorrow... I'll be 21 (with 21 years experience)!

What do Faith Hill, Steven King, and Carrie Leigh have in common? Our birthdays are tomorrow. Wow... the big 42 for me. In my mind, I'm still 20 something. My body says it's more like 142 years old. But I digress.

I saw this story and it got me thinking... what do I have on my bucket list? Nine out of 10 people say they have a bucket list. And the most popular things on people's bucket lists:

1. Travel, 30%. I don't like to fly and I'm too much of a homebody, so... NEXT!

2. Financial success, 16%. Hmmm... define success.

3. Activities, like skydiving or swimming with dolphins, 13%. Again, that homebody thing.

4. Family things, 10%. Ok, this once I can get into. I can't wait to celebrate all my daughters' milestones: First big dance, graduation, careers, family, not having to do their laundry anymore. Ya know, all the BIG ones!

5. Personal and creative things, 9.5%. Another one I can get behind. CONFESSION: I always wanted to be a writer.

So what else can I add to this list? Let's see:

~ Support a cause I'm passionate about

~ Make more time for myself.

~ Live my best life.

I had a teacher in school who asked our class what we wanted to be when we grew up. There were the usual answers: athlete, musician, doctor. Then there was my answer: Happy.

The teacher looked at me extremely annoyed and puzzled, "I don't think you understand the question," she snipped.

"I don't think you understand life," I replied.

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