Everyday should be National Dog Day!

No, it's not Friday. I usually talk about my dog on Fridays, but... it's NATIONAL DOG DAY. Here are a few quick stats from a recent survey about man's best friend :

1. 86% of dog owners tell their dog "I love you" at least once a month (about 20 times a day for me).

2. 73% buy their dog at least one gift a month (no... I'm not that person).

3. 68% sometimes let their dog sleep with them in bed (no way! He's cute but he's stinky. And big.).

4. 79% of women and 67% of men think that showing love toward a dog is attractive (I firmly believe if you treat an animal well, you'll do the same for people).

5. 39% of women and 23% of men with dogs would rather hang out at home with them than go on a date (I'm married. What's a date?).

6. 86% of dog owners say their dog helps comfort them (He definitely makes me smile).

7. 64% look forward to coming home because of their dog (he's definitely an added bonus... even though he barely looks up when I come in).

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