It's almost back to school time!

Look at those kayaks! I love kayaking! The red one is mine, the other 2 are my daughters'. We mainly hit up different spots at Presque Isle, where we go to explore and go on adventures and be together and chit-chat and laugh and splash each other and play "paddle high-five" and "hide and seek" in the tall grasses of the lagoons and take pictures and take in nature and just be...

And I keep reminding myself, "Hey... we can still find some time to kayak once school starts. Maybe. Hopefully. UGH!"

For most of the lil Howlers in Wolf Country, summer vacation is almost over. For the kiddos, I'm sure it's a mixed bag of emotions. I remember dreading waking up early and sitting through the school day and homework. But I also remember being excited to see my friends and field trips and extracurricular activities. I see those emotions in my own daughters as they get ready for 7th and 8th grade.

I try to think back to how my parents felt when it was time for my brother and me to go back to school. As I recall, they seemed pretty indifferent. Not happy or sad, just kinda "it is what it is." They probably kept any real emotions to themselves (or I was too preoccupied with my own to notice theirs).

Now, as a parent, I'm a bundle of emotions.(which I wonder if my daughters will recall when their my age). I go through it every year. Once I get a summer schedule down... BAM! Back to school.

Happy - To have a (another) routine / To know where they are for 8 hours a day / To know that they're learning and thriving

Sad - Our summer fun is coming to and end / No more staying up late / Having to wake up early to get them off to school

Nervous - They're starting a new school / Will they make friends? Will they have fun? Will they thrive?

My game plan this week : to try to do some of the things we didn't get the chance to do. To savor the moment. To pray for a great year. To get out at least one day on those kayaks.

Parents and students: I wish you all a successful and safe school year! And remember... only 180 school days till the next summer vacation!

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