My landline rang at 3:08 am today

3:08am, my landline rings (Now... let me clarify: I have a landline because I have a teen and a tween who do not have cell phones because I'm THAT parent). The last time my landline rang at an ungodly hour, it was the hospital calling to say that my father passed away.

I panicked. My heart raced. What was going on?!?

I didn't make it to the phone in time to answer. I checked the caller ID. No number. Just SHAWANO, WI Now, while I love Wisconsin cheese, unless someone was calling to tell me I won a lifetime supply, I don't need to hear from you at 3:08am. Or ever, for that matter.

So, wide awake and angry, I did what most people would do. I posted about it on social media. I quickly learned that 2 other friends had similar calls around the same time (because they too turned to social media in their early morning time of need), but all of our calls were from different numbers. Coincidence???? Ha! I think not.

I turned to a closed Erie page on Facebook and posted about it. And as of 7:45am as I type this, over 50 people in Wolf Country had a phone call this morning... and that number continues to grow.

How about you? Are you in the "Why on earth do I still own a landline and why did it ring so early in the morning" club? Comment below!

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