This ALMOST makes me wanna have more kids...

I remember when my daughters were babies. My mom would be like, "Wow! We never had ____________ when you were a baby!" And if this takes hold, I'll be saying the same thing to my kids.

So, Pampers is launching a new line of SMART DIAPERS this fall. The diapers can track when your baby pees and will report it to you immediately on your smartphone app. Yep... just what you want when you're sleep deprived. A notification to tell you little Junior went pee pee. The diapers CANNOT detect poop, though.

This is kinda interesting though. The diapers can also track a baby's sleep patterns and will record those on the app. Could all that data be useful to parents and pediatricians? Definitely. Is it really necessary though? 

Most diapers already have a color-changing strip that lets you know when a baby pees. And new parents can tell when their baby's sleeping by, you know, noticing the rare moments when the baby isn't screaming and crying. Pampers thinks this is what people want, though . . . and I guess the market will show whether it's something parents are willing to pay a premium for. 

My daughters are a year and 13 days apart. There was a period of time when they were both in diapers. Bulk, generic was the ONLY way to go!

Let me know when they make an adult version. I may spring for those for myself... ya know, FAR down the road.

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