Viral Challenges - Weird or Worthy?


Viral Challenges. 99.9999% of the time, I find them very weird. But ya know what... I watch them anyway! Now, I've done the "Ice Bucket" and the "Drop the Blanket and Your Dog Thinks You Disappeared" challenges. So I'm not totally uncool.

The latest (at least at the moment I'm typing this) is the Bottle Cap Challenge. If you're unclear on the concept, it's where you take a bottle of something and creatively try to get the cap off of the bottle without knocking the bottle over. I've seen cars do it, people do amazing ninja kicks at it, one guy who's pants fall off in the process, another guy whipping his mullet and the cap flying off, and Blake Shelton has even tried it (and failed) - Click the link.

So... weird or worthy? For me, both. When there's a napping challenge, let me know. I'll be 99.9999% willing to do that one! In the meantime, I'll be watching yours!


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