Dierks Bentley Injured Hand/Wrist!

Relaxing time turned into time in the Emergency Room for Dierks Bentley! Yesterday, he was late to a radio interview after he had fallen off his mountain bike while biking in Colorado. He's sporting a splint for now... he'll learn more today about the extent of his injuries.

But Dierks always looks on the bright side, saying quote: "It's lucky: It's my left hand, and I drink beer with my right, so I should be good to go for the rest of the summer. It'll be fine. It'll be all good. It's not gonna slow me down much."

We hope not! His Burning Man Tour has 3 stops near Wolf Country: July 25th in Cleveland, July 27th in Burgettstown, and August 1st in Darien Lake. (HINT: I have tickets to the July 25th date that you can get in to win before the end of the week with our Ticket Takeover)

Get well soon, Dierks!

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