Summertime Blues?!?

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! And it was a LONG time coming in Wolf Country. But according to a new survey, 70% of parents are stressed about summer! Top reasons:

  • Still having to work
  • Hard to plan activities
  • Cost can add up

Being a parent... I get it, trust me. But there's a lot of free, fun activities in and around Wolf Country that you can attend with the kiddos. Keep things simple at home. My best friend would bust out the "magic paint" when her kids were bored (a bucket of paint and a paintbrush to "paint" the sidewalk/driveway - then watch it "magically" disappear with the sun)!

3/4 of parents admit to being relieved when school starts up again. And while that may be true, you only get so many summers with the kids at home. Enjoy it! Have fun - make memories!

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