What's the recipe for the perfect day?

Apparently "sleeping in" and "skipping work" weren't options here:

A new survey asked 2,000 Americans to name the top things they need in order to have the "perfect morning." Here are the top answers . . .

1. Coffee. 52% said it's essential.

2. A good breakfast.

3. Exercise.

4. Meditation. (It seems like a lot of people CLAIM they meditate now, because it's trendy. But are that many people really doing it?)

5. Watching the news.

6. Reading the news.

7. Listening to your favorite radio show or podcast (thank you).

8. Having a glass of juice, or a smoothie.

9. Yoga.

74% of people in the poll said having more time in the morning would be a luxury. And 1 in 4 said even just 10 extra minutes would make a huge difference.

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