So When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

Even though it's January 6th, do you still like waking up every day to see your Christmas tree in your living room? And, follow up question:Will you still like waking up to it on Valentine's Day?

According to a new survey, 2% of people say they don't take down their Christmas tree until February . . . or later.

That's ESPECIALLY true for younger people.10% of people between 18 and 24 say they're going to leave their tree up for at least another month.0% of people over 55 are planning to wait that long.

37% of people say they get rid of their tree the first week of January . . . and 13% will get rid of it sometime later this month.

16% of people already got rid of their tree between December 26th and New Year's Day . . . and 4% got rid of their tree ON Christmas. Mine is still up and will probably be till the end of the month! But now I am inspired to see if I can make it till Valentine's day!

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